PIEInc- Design and Engineering Consulting services

PIE inc

Design and Engineering Consulting

Design and Engineering Consulting services

Our sales process begins with building a genuine understanding of our client’s needs and providing right-sized, tailored, & fully integrated equipment and service solution. Endorsed by 40+ years of experience carrying out projects in the areas of bottle filling and industrial packaging, enable us to maximize value and quality in our client’s production concerns

PIE can be your trusted partner in choosing the right equipment, the optimal materials, types of packaging, costs and necessary integration of the machines in your line

Technical support and project installation

We have quick and reliable support from our team of local technicians, all of whom have many years of experience. Our technicians can support you whether it be a routine job of preparing spare parts lists, or highly complex assembly and start-up of complete packaging lines. A key selling point for our client’s has been having this one-stop technical support for the entire line available for emergency support.

PIEInc - Technical support and project installation

PIE inc

Technical Service

PIEInc - After-sales

PIE inc


After-sales service

Headquartered in Miami, PIE Inc. coordinates our client support, spare parts, and logistics. We additionally have employees based in Colombia, Mexico and Peru; offering 24/7 local timely support. We are proud of praise received from clients that regardless of the challenges which arise, these have been efficiently resolved by our technicians and support staff.

Technical Training

Special technicians from manufacturers and our own group of professionals are available for live training sessions. This service is provided at customer's locations in classroom format, first with the theory and then with hands-on practice to achieve proficiency.

We have the capacity to develop customized training programs for first-time users (during the start-up of equipment / systems) and also sessions for operators and experienced technicians seeking to reinforce and refresh their knowledge of operation and maintenance. The technical training of the operative and maintenance personnel is critical to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the equipment of the packaging line.

PIEInc - Technical Training

PIE inc

Technical Training