Throughout our more than 42 years of experience, P.I.E. Inc has established solid relationships with the most recognized manufacturers in the Industry, and therefore can offer a wide portfolio of Top rate Brands for all stages of the Bottling and packaging lines

Bottling equipment

  • Rinsers, washers, Ionized air blowers, equipment to clean containers with water, alcohol, air and / or antibacterial products.
  • Equipment CIP "Clean in place".
  • Rotary or linear fillers, including Isobaric, pressure, vacuum, gravity, pressure/gravity, volumetric, particulate and multi head weighers.
  • Cappers, Sleevers and Corking machines for all types of applications: Guala, plastic threaded, pressure, roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP), dropper caps, corks, T-cork, wire-hooded, capsules, mixed, foil-sealed, metallic and twist-off.
  • Can Seamers, Low and High speed.
  • Rotary and linear labellers cold or hot glue "hotmelt", self-adhesive, tax stamp labels.
  • Applicators and heating tunnels for heat shrink sleeve labels for full body, half body and / or tamper evident band.
  • Pasteurization and cooling tunnels.

Packaging and end of line equipment

  • Full & Semi-automatic Depalletizers with options for removal of layer pad separators, automatic full/empty pallet staging and accumulation, top layer cover removal, and pallet unwrapping.
  • Case unpackers.
  • Case/Box erectors and cardboard trays.
  • Automatic Partition Inserter machine.
  • Case/Box packers or plastic baskets, "pick and place" individual bottle handling, gravity packing or wrap around cartons.
  • Box Sealers with adhesive tape or hotmelt closing.
  • Balers, tray packers and multipack wrappers with heat shrink film.
  • Pallet wrappers with stretch film.
  • Palletizing systems by level for boxes, packages or trays.
  • Robotic Arms, for product handling and case palletizing with or without trays.

Line integration, conveyors for product and flow automation

  • Bottle Sorters (from bulk to single file) and bottle orientation systems. For Glass, PET, HDPE and others.
  • Mass flow conveyors and pressureless combining systems for single file flow.
  • Conveyors for bottles/rigid containers via matt-top chain, metal, air blowing, air suction, etc.
  • Spiral and vertical conveyors to move product to different elevations.
  • Accumulation Equipment tables/systems. Horizontal or vertical.
  • Complete automation and line integration systems for improved line efficiency (Sensors, PLC, programming, etc.)
  • Process equipment including carbonators, filters, heat exchangers.
  • Quality control and product inspection systems for defective bottles, labels, caps, internal product, case check weighers.

Our Partner Brands