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About Us

Our founder, Norman Thomas, after graduating from M.I.T began his bottling and packaging career as the Latin America sales representative for Geo. J. Meyer Mfg. in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

In the 1970’s, Norman started his own Company and while maintaining his original relationship with Geo. J. Meyer, incorporated new representations from the U.S. and Europe. In 1982 Norman moved us to Miami, FL, where we became Packing Industry Equipment, Inc. (PIE, Inc.).

Today PIE employs staffs of engineers, field technicians and contractors throughout the region of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America that have successfully designed, installed and commissioned over 600 bottling, labeling and packaging machines and more than 100 complete manufacturing lines.

While having experienced steady growth, PIE has remained at its core a family owned and operated business. Norman’s daughter Annemarie having served the last 15 years as PIE’s Chief Financial Officer has in 2017 moved into the position of President. Annemarie brings, in addition to a proven capability to operate and manage the business, a formidable technical capability in bottling technology. Annemarie’s selection as President ensures that PIE will remain positioned in the market as a leading producer of technologically superior designs and bottling system installations for years to come.

Since its beginning, PIE’s business model has required working with only the best in established equipment suppliers. This is a primary reason our designs and successful installations and commissioning have led to a steady growth in our customer base and in our inventory of suppliers. We firmly believe we are the best because we work with the best.

PIE takes pride in representing our suppliers to our clients. We believe that we only succeed if our supplier’s equipment and our designs allow our clients to succeed. Therefore we insist on only working with the finest for our clients. We carefully select our suppliers some of which include Elmar, Pace Packaging, Autolabe, U.S. Bottlers, Hamrick, Baumer, Bortolinkemo, BRB Globus, Concetti, Sacmi, and Tecmi. And while we are always seeking relationships with providers of equipment for our industry, what matters to us is that we partner with groups that are first and last client focused and leaders in their field.

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